Spring has arrived at the orchard and the trees are wrapped in blossoms. The promise of sweet cherries is on the horizon and bees are buzzing around doing the difficult yet necessary task of pollination.

It’s finally time we dust the windows and open the doors to the Market Barn!  Come help us open up for the season while we celebrate spring’s renewal and Mother’s Day weekend at our fifth annual Spring Bloom event.

We’ll have fruit trees for sale, planting and care technique workshops, “make and take” regional vendor workshops (advance ticket purchase required), and curated springtime farm goods crafted and grown locally in our community.

The shelves are filled with spring inspired items such as pollinator seed packets, strawberry jam, first of the season local honey, real Ohio maple syrup, and floral scented candles to name a few. Looking for a gift for mom this year? We’ve got you covered with cards, gardening kits, handmade aprons, tea towels and fresh cut bouquets of flowers (pre-order your bouquets today if you like!). Asparagus, rhubarb and locally grown mushrooms are a couple of the things you’ll find in our produce selection.

Celebrate the change of seasons with hanging baskets in addition to plant starts such as tomatoes, peppers and a variety of culinary herbs available on our porch. We can’t wait to see you and welcome you to the beginning of a fresh new year at the Quarry Hill Market Barn!

This event will be held from 10am-4pm on May 8th, 2021 at the Quarry Hill Orchards Market Barn.  This event is free and open to the public.  Workshops require advance ticket purchase.

Pending Mother Nature’s cooperation, our tree’s three-day bloom cycle may be in full swing.  This will provide a lovely opportunity for some beautiful photo opportunities while you are visiting.  Please feel free to share your photos with us!

TREES FOR SALE (10am – 4pm):

  • Apple varieties: Gala, Granny Smith, Ambrosia, Pink Lady, and a limited amount of Honeycrisp
  • Peach varieties:  Limited amount of PF5 Early Peach Trees
  • Trees are $32 (angle iron stake and ties included)

TREE PLANTING GUIDED WORKSHOP – Take notes as Farmer Ben and/or Farmer Bill walks you through proper planting, pruning, and training techniques for your home orchard. Details and Ticket Purchase Here  

DAHLIA TUBERS – For the gardening enthusiasts, Marilla Field & Flora will be offering plants of her most coveted dahlia varieties for you to experience the joy of growing dahlias for yourself. Many growers who sell dahlia tubers are already sold out, but she’s reserved some just for you (in store purchase only).

As an extra fool-proof step, these plants will already be pre-sprouted (flower farmer speak for the plants getting a jump start; they will already have leaves & roots established), so no guessing which way to plant a tuber. They’ll have a good start on the growing season for you too, and will be ready for the sunniest spot you can give them!

SOFT BLOCK CARVING WORKSHOP – Learn the beautiful technique of block printing (one of the oldest types of printmaking!) as you’ll learn how to carve a soft block to create an original print.  Guided by simple steps, you’ll carve into a soft rubber block and learn how to hand-stamp to create your own hand printed tea towel, all while working at your own pace.  This beautiful technique is truly as “handmade” as you can get.  By the end of the session, you’ll leave with your finished piece to keep or give as a gift.  No prior experience is necessary! Invite a friend and join in on the fun!  Space is limited.  Advance purchase required.  Details and Ticket Purchase Here

GOURD BIRDHOUSE PAINTING WORKSHOP – Learn how to create a one-of-a-kind gourd beehive birdhouse!  You will learn an an ink dye technique using pre-cleaned gourds; guided by simple steps, you’ll stencil honeycomb patterns and learn to handpaint bees, all while working at your own pace.  You will also be taught how to drill the holes for the birdhouse, thread the hanger, and clean them out.  By the end of the session, you’ll leave with your finished piece to keep or give as a gift.  No prior experience is necessary! Invite a friend and join in on the fun!  Space is limited.  Advance purchase required.  Details and Ticket Purchase Here

HYDRO-DIPPING STATION – There will also be a  walk up hydro-dipping station throughout the event.  This unique arts and crafts activity is fun for all ages – the whole family can participate!  Hydro dipping is a method of applying color patterns to a wide variety of objects, using tints and paints on the surface of the water. Typically, paint is put onto the water’s surface, then the item that you are painting is passed through that fluid. When that happens, the paint or ink is evenly applied to the surface. It makes unique patters and no two patterns are alike.  Prices vary between $5 to $25 each. No advanced tickets purchases necessary for this station.  There will be pre-cleaned, ready to dip gourds and other items available at the hydro dip station. All items available for hydro dipping will be ready for the fun color to be added. It will take about 10 minutes for them to dry.