Pick Your Own


During any harvest season here at the farm, we invite you to come out and share in the experience of picking your own fruit to take home.  We politely request an advance RSVP / orchard entry fees for picking summer fruit (cherries, raspberries, and peaches); not required for apples.  Checking in with a staff member and obtaining guidance into picking fruit is mandatory!  Thank you!  More details below…..


We start off with cherry picking in mid-June followed by red raspberries and currants late June and into the first week of July; peaches are ripe for picking during late July and August, and finally into apples during August through late-October.  Ripening dates are always weather dependent.

Due to the nature of summer fruits like cherries, raspberries, and peaches, it is helpful for us to have an advance reservation (during our windows of availability) so we are prepared to host you!  This RSVP serves are your orchard entry fee ($3/per person paid ahead of time) and lets us know you’re on the way so we can provide you with an engaging and thoughtful experience that is full of fun, fruit, and lots of energy!  RSVPs also help us to ensure the orchards do not become overcrowded and over-picked.  You can learn more about how to pick your own fruit and make a reservation by receiving our e-newsletters (subscribe here) that are sent out just a few days prior to availability (crop load and weather dependent).

We are now offering Pick Your Own Peaches at Quarry Hill Orchards (crop load and weather dependent).  Due to the finicky nature of growing peaches in Ohio, and the educated decision making process that goes into harvesting peaches straight from the tree, our Peach Picking Program is offered by advance ticketed workshop reservation only.  Pick Your Own Peach Workshops will be offered during late July and August.

All fruit that is hand harvested is sold at a price per pound.  Pricing is subject to change.

Please refer to our Harvest Calendar (a general guide), so you can get an idea of the fruits and apple varieties that are grown here at Quarry Hill Orchards.  Please keep in mind that not all fruit every season might be available for you to hand harvest during your visit.  Picking your own fruit is dependent on weather and crop load, so we suggest you call ahead if you have a very specific fruit or apple variety that you would like to pick yourself.

The first apples available for pick-your-own are Galas, which happen usually around the end of August. From that point on, there is some variety available for your family to come harvest… all the way through Fuji and Pink Lady apples in late-October. Depending on the season, we may still have some apples on the trees early November, but generally, the best eating apples should be picked by the end of October.  Advance ticketing is not required for Pick Your Own apples.  We sell them in ½ Bu. increments and provide a map and brief discussion to help you know what to pick and how to pick it.

There is an established procedure for setting everyone up for a successful harvesting visit that starts with our check-in at the Market Barn.  On busy weekends, we have staff available in the orchard to answer questions and make sure you are taking home the best possible quality.


We’ve got a fun assortment of all types of pumpkins this year… white ones, warty ones, some for birdhouses, decorative gourds, flat ones… all in addition to the good, old-fashioned pumpkins or your Halloween Jack-O-Lantern.

pumpkin patchFreshly picked pumpkins are available for you to select from.  The collection our crew has just picked can be found next to the grassy area just on the other side of the stone wall or ask a staff member for something special.

All pricing is the same, regardless of if you select in yourself or not. Again, check with staff for price.