Pick Your Own

During any harvest season here at the farm, we invite you to come out and share in the experience of picking your own fruit to take home.  We politely request (1) a nominal orchard entry fee for picking summer fruit (cherries, raspberries, and currants); (2) advance workshop tickets for picking peaches; and (3) advance purchase of a 1/2 bushel bag for apple picking (no additional entrance fees required for apple picking).  Checking in with a staff member and obtaining guidance prior to picking fruit is critical for a successful experience (for both of us).  Thank you!  More details below…..

If you are traveling a long distance with expectations to pick your own fruit, please call ahead (419-588-2858) to confirm availability.  Our cropload is weather dependent and varies daily.

We start off with cherry picking in mid-June followed by red raspberries and currants late June and into the first week of July; peaches are ripe for picking from mid-July through mid-September; apple picking starts Labor Day weekend and runs through late-October.  Ripening dates and availability are always weather dependent.


For the 2024 Cherry Season we are experiencing a good crop of Red Sweet, Rainer, and Montmorency Sour Cherries.  Upon arrival, please check in with a Market Barn staff member.  At this time, we will collect a small $4 orchard entry fee (ages 3+), provide picking instructions, picking baskets, and directions for where to pick into good fruit and find those allusive cherries.  Please only pick the fruit you wish to purchase and enjoy at home.  When your basket is full, head back to the Market Barn for payment – AND – for some Cherry Real Fruit Ice Cream.  Picking hours are daily from 9am – 5pm.  Advance reservations (via online registrations) are not required.  


We have red and black raspberries that typically ripen right around the Fourth of July holiday.  From there, we should see a healthy crop over the next few weeks.  Unfortunately, the red and black currants were hit by a winter frost and will not bear any fruit this year.  First, you’ll want to check in with a Market Barn staff member prior to heading out to the berry patch.  At this time, we will collect a small $4 orchard entry fee (ages 3+), provide picking instructions, picking baskets, and directions to where you’ll be picking.  If you’re here when cherries and raspberries both are ripe for picking, the $4 fee is only applied once.  Advance reservations (via online registrations) are not required for the 2023 season.


For the 2023 Peach Season, we are expecting a large peach crop!  Due to the finicky nature of growing peaches in Ohio, and the educated decision making process that goes into harvesting peaches straight from the tree, our Peach Picking Program is offered by advance ticketed workshop reservation only. Pick Your Own Peach Workshops will be offered on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays during late July and August.  All fruit that is hand harvested is sold at a price per pound. Pricing is subject to change.  Please click here to learn more about this program and to make a reservation.


There is an established procedure for setting everyone up for a successful harvesting visit that starts with an advance purchase for pick your own apple bags, and checking in with staff prior to orchard entry.  On busy weekends, we have staff available at the “Pick Your Own Tent” in the orchard to answer questions and make sure you are taking home the best possible quality.  

Our Pick Your Own apple season is open daily (10am – 5pm) from Labor Day weekend through Halloween.  The first varieties available for apple picking are are Honeycrisp and Gala, with Honeycrisp fetching a higher price point than the others.  From that point on, there is a wide variety of apples available for your family to come harvest (checkout our harvest schedule here if you’re set on picking a specific variety)… all the way through Fuji and Pink Lady apples in late-October.  Depending on the season, we may still have some apples on the trees early November, but generally, the best eating apples should be picked by the end of October.

Advance purchase of a half-bushel picking bag (which holds roughly ~ 25 pounds of fruit), and a brief discussion from a Market Barn team member (or Gammie Family member) where you’ll get a highlighted map to help show you what to pick, how to pick, and where to pick is are a MUST before heading into the orchards.  Advance ticketing is not required for Pick Your Own apples.  Red wagons to assist in hauling your harvest are available on a first come first serve basis.  Thanks for returning your wagons when finished!