Our cherry orchards at the farm consist of…

Red Sweet CherriesRed Sweet Cherries

Here at Quarry Hill we grow several varieties of Red Sweet Cherries including Ulster and Black Pearl. Our trees bear large, jewel red to almost black fruit. They are firm, sweet and wonderful eaten fresh or used in your favorite recipes.

Yellow or White Sweet CherriesYellow or White Sweet Cherries

Everyone seems to love our white sweet cherries. These cherries have a beautiful yellow skin with a large deep pink blush. The flesh is firm and finely textured. Eat fresh or use as you would red sweet cherries.

Tart or Sour CherriesTart or Sour Cherries

You’ll have to wait a couple more years for our Tart Cherries. In the spring of 2014 on a warm and sunny day we planted the first tart cherry trees in our cherry block. These promise to be wonderful cherries produced on standard or large tree stock, so they will be fairly large, majestic trees! We look forward to sharing them with you!

Storage Tips for Cherries

You can freeze cherries with or without the pit by simply washing them then allowing them to air dry. Then place cherries on a cookie sheet in a single layer and place in freezer. Once frozen, place the cherries in freezer bags or plastic freezer container and return to freezer. They can be stored in the freezer this way for up to one year. Add frozen cherries to ice cream, smoothies, or your favorite recipe.