Our pear orchards at the farm consist of…


This large, smooth skinned, golden beauty is one of America’s leading pear varieties accounting for 75% of the pear production in the U.S and Canada. Bartlett was developed in England in the 17th century by English teacher John Stair. Here in the U.S Enoch Bartlett distributed the pear and renamed it Bartlett. This fruit is large and yellow when ripe. The flesh is white and sweet and is a wonderful dessert pear and is popular for canning.


Anjou originated in Belgium or France in the mid-1900s. This pear is large, round, firm and an excellent keeper. Anjou has a finely textured flesh and is sweet, juicy and richly flavored. This pear puree is used for Jelly Belly’s pear flavored Jelly Beans.


There are many stories about the origin of the Bosc pear. One story is that the Bosc pear was first cultivated at the Paris Botanical Gardens in the early 1800s by M.Bosc. Closer to home, the Bosc pear was first grown on the East Coast in 1832. Bosc is long and symmetrical in shape with a gorgeous antique gold russet skin. The flesh is a yellowish-white and spicy sweet. This pear is the one to cook! It holds its shape well and the spicy flavor enhances any recipe.

AsianAsian Pears

Asian Pears are like the European pears only they happen to be round. Here at Quarry Hill, we grow several varieties of Asian Pears. These pears are a beautiful golden yellow to orange-russet. They are juicy, crisp, and sweet. Used mostly for fresh eating these pears store for up to four months.