Here at Quarry Hill we grow a wide variety of peaches and nectarines from Redhaven to Flamin’ Fury to Sweet Dream to John Boy. Some are cling style peaches and nectarines (“clingers”) and some are freestone, like our later season varieties Glo Haven, Autumn Star, and Crest Haven. So what does that mean? Well some of the fruit will cling tightly to the pit and some will not – it all depends on the variety of peach or nectarine. Early varieties will cling to their pits, while later season varieties, when sliced in half, the flesh will easily break free from the pit (i.e. freestone). We label our signs to let you know, but if you have any questions, please ask us we’ll be happy to help you decide what fruit is best for your needs.

Red HavenRedhaven

The peach of all peaches – Redhaven is the standard by which all peaches are judged. This freestone peach is almost fuzz free! The flesh is firm, yellow and has a smooth texture. The red and golden skin makes this peach a real eye catcher. Eat fresh, can or freeze.

Flamin' FuryFlamin’ Fury Varieties

For over 52 years, Michigan peach breeder, Paul Friday has been developing and improving upon his long established line of peaches known as Flamin’ Fury. Here at Quarry Hill we grow several varieties of Flamin’ Fury with PF Lucky 13 as a lead seller. This line of peach is freestone with a red colored blush over a yellow background. The flesh is firm, sweet, and juicy. These peaches are known to occasionally have a split pit which has no effect on the flavor of this peach.

John BoyJohn Boy

This peach was discovered in 1981 by Ed Clendening’s son John as a sport of the Loring Peach.  John noticed that a branch on the Loring peach was already ripening while the rest of the peaches were still very green. He cultivated this branch and created John Boy. This is a large peach that has firm yellow flesh.

Sweet DreamSweet Dream

You’ll recognize this peach by its intense, dark, highly colored red skin and large size. Sweet Dream are a sub-acid or low-acid peach. This is a freestone type of peach with firm, smooth, and sweet flesh. Give this peach a try!

White LadyWhite Lady

As the name implies, this is a white fleshed peach! White Lady are also a low acid peach and well worth a try. The skin of this peach is a beautiful orange-red and the white flesh is very firm. These are great dessert peaches.

Flat PeachesFlat Peaches

These funny looking squat peaches were introduced to the U.S from China in 1869, but they haven’t become popular until recently. We grow white and yellow fleshed varieties. Both varieties are sweet with silky tender flesh and are freestone. The white variety is a low acid type of peach. Don’t pass up these large flat peaches, we love them!