Check out the amazing things happening just a few minutes from our farm…..we hope you can plan ahead with these resources to stay and play!


Shores & Islands Ohio is not just a place…it’s a feeling. It’s the memories people have from unforgettable experiences here that live in their hearts for a lifetime. Boundless adventures and discoveries await. Shores & Islands Ohio embodies the excitement felt from the very first time you visit, to becoming a seasoned regular or a part of the community. It’s where you find your Lake Erie Love.


We’ve been asked time and time again for the next best place to explore after enjoying some time on the farm. We’ve partnered up with First to Travel (and some of the best area small businesses) to create the “Quarry Hill Orchards Recommends” resource to help guide your continued five start experience along your journey to (and from) the farm.

After 15 years of living on Lake Erie, Chris and Julie First (creators of First to Travel) decided to hit the open road and explore the unique travel opportunities on and around the Great Lakes. Even better, they’ve filmed their experiences to share with you and have created a curated travel guide for each of the 8 regions along The Great Lakes. You’ll love their choices….we’re partial to this video in particular: