Other Offerings

Our other offerings consist of…


Bill has been working with local cider presses for over 30 years to create our custom Quarry Hill cider blends. With fresh pressings every week beginning in late-August and continuing through December, we use a blend of our own seasonally available apples. A UV flash pasteurization process safely filters our cider to meet the highest health standards while maintaining that traditional, complex cider flavor that we all love.


At Quarry Hill Orchards we specialize in tree fruit, but thanks to our network of local farmers, we’re proud to offer you a wide array of seasonal fresh produce. A few of these offerings typically include sweet corn, melons, beans, kale, heirloom tomatoes and acorn squash, as well as onions, potatoes, garlic, and other produce staples. From July through October, we’re happy to bring you the best of the local harvest. Our supply varies based on seasonal availability, so give us a call before you visit if you’re looking for something special.


In addition to our fresh produce selection, we also carry a select assortment of dry goods from around Ohio to stock your pantry. Jams & jellies, honey, maple syrup, pickles, noodles, baking mixes, popcorn, and candies are just the start. The highlights of the fall season are the apple fritters and hand-dipped caramel apples. If you’re stopping by our market while exploring the area, we’ll help fill your picnic basket!


Want to wear your heart on your sleeve when it comes to your love of local produce? The Farm Market at Quarry Hill also features a range of shirts, hats, and wearable farm gear, ranging from fashionable to functional. We stock QH shirts in mens’, womens’, and kids’ sizes in a variety of styles – there’s something every member of the family can wear.

apple woodAPPLE WOOD

As part of an ever-evolving orchard, we cull out poor yielding or undesirable trees every winter. Wood from this tree removal is cut with a chainsaw and stock-piled at several locations throughout the farm. In addition to using it in our wood-burning stove in the barn, we are certainly willing to sell it in whatever quantity you desire… a few pieces for smoking or a 10-wheeler full. We also offer reduced rates for those that what to cut their own wood straight from a standing tree. Bring your own gear and we’ll show you the way.