NEW! Quarry Cones Real Fruit Ice Cream

Our orchard-grown fruit, blended fresh for you to enjoy.

Taste the whole harvest for the full Quarry Hill Orchards experience! Quarry Cones Real Fruit Ice Cream is a unique treat made with our own orchard-grown fruit that’s frozen and deliciously swirled with vanilla ice cream. Stop by the Scoop Shop inside the Market Barn to enjoy, linger together, and make memories. Here, you can take in sweeping orchard views and take a load off, slowing down to savor life’s sweet moments. 

Scoop Shop Hours

Our Scoop Shop inside the Market Barn is one more reason to visit us! Stop in for a delicious swirl – our Swirl Specialists are happy to serve you our rotating seasonal flavors.  


  • Memorial Day Weekend: Saturday, Sunday & Monday (noon – 6pm)
  • June: Saturdays and Sundays (noon – 6pm)  
  • July: Open weeknights and extended weekend hours


  • Strawberry
  • Blackberry
  • Raspberry
  • Peach 

Taste the Whole Harvest  

Quarry Cones Real Fruit Ice Cream is made with our own fruit, picked fresh in season and frozen at our orchard. Our Swirl Specialists scoop the frozen fruit and blend it with creamy vanilla ice cream in our Little Jem blender machine for a made-to-order frozen treat. It’s the craveable taste of ice cream with all the benefits of fresh, quality fruit! 

Quarry Cones use the same fruit sold at the Market Barn. Even though Quarry Cones fruit isn’t picture-perfect, it tastes just as good! Nothing goes to waste around here. Our sustainable, delicious swirls are made with the finest fruit you can feel good enjoying. 

New Zealand Inspired, No Passport Required  

On a farming and agrotourism educational trip to New Zealand, our third-generation owners Brooke and Ben Gammie had an ‘ah ha’ moment. They tried a scoop of real fruit ice cream (a popular style in New Zealand) and realized the orchard’s fruit could be used to create a similar sweet treat. The dream of Quarry Cones was born! 

Quarry Cones tie our land and our customers together. We’re passionate about cultivating quality fruit, meaningful relationships, and memorable experiences. Bring your whole crew and gather in our Scoop Shop to taste the real fruit difference. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is “real fruit ice cream”?  

Real fruit ice cream, also known as New Zealand style ice cream, is made by blending fruit and vanilla ice cream in a blender machine. The result is a soft serve swirl with silky texture and slightly sweet flavor. It’s very popular with our friends Down Under. We LOVE it as another way to share our orchard-grown fruit with you and your family! 

Q: Do Quarry Cones contain real fruit? 

Yes! The fruit we use in Quarry Cones is harvested from our own orchards. We freeze the fruit then blend it into vanilla ice cream.  

Q: What flavors do you offer? 

Just like our orchards, our offerings change with the seasons! We’ll be serving strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and cherry flavors to start. Check our Facebook or Instagram accounts or stop in the Scoop Shop in the Market Barn for the current flavors we’re swirling. 

Q: What’s special about the blending process? 

We purchased a Little Jem blender from New Zealand. It’s known as the elite real fruit ice cream blender for its ease of use and silky ice cream consistency. Every dish of Quarry Cones Real Fruit Ice Cream is made to order before your eyes. There aren’t many Little Jem machines in the US so we’re offering a unique experience at our orchard!  

Q: Are Quarry Cones dairy free? 

No, Quarry Cones use a dairy-based vanilla ice cream. We may offer a dairy free version in the future.  

Q: Will you offer seasonal specials? 

Yes, we’re so glad you asked! We’ll offer seasonal sundaes and limited time only specials that combine the best flavors of the harvest. Look out for apple fritter sundaes and other sweet treats on our social media feeds.