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Another bountiful apple harvest here at Quarry Hill Orchards. Summer rains and a diligent thinning program orchestrated by 2nd Generation Farmer Bill Gammie is giving us great size on the fruit as well.

Our crew leaders Pancho and Lou are bringing in regular wagon loads from the orcahrd to the barnyard. Pick your own is in full swing and our orchard market is stocked with local veggies and artisan goods.

On Saturday, October 17th, Quarry Hill Orchards will celebrate a true taste of autumn with their First Annual Apple Peak Gathering. This event will highlight the peak of harvest, the turning of the leaves, and an appreciation for all things local. Click here details on Apple Peak.



9am-  6pm DAILY


First peaches will be available around the last week of July.  Freestones will come off the second week of August.  A modest crop in spite of the harsh winter.